HON About

The House of Nutrition

We are registered Dietitians based in Lakeside, Cape Town. We pride ourselves in providing a comfortable environment for individuals to come and see registered dietitians who work with evidence based information. We remain up-to-date with nutrition trends and ensure that clients make informed, health promoting decisions.

The Dietitians are registered with the HPCSA (Health professions council of South Africa) and ADSA (Association for dietitians in South Africa).

House of Nutrition provides a ‘hands on’ approach which helps clients achieve their dietary changes. We help individuals learn to love healthy, nutritious food. You will discover delicious foods and learn to prepare healthy meals that are satisfying and easy. Watch our blog for quick easy recipes you and your family can enjoy. We also visit companies and provide nutritional support to their staff and are registered to conduct Vitality Nutrition Assessments.

Exciting News!
At the practice we are now able to offer all of the following:
Vitality Nutrition Assessments
Vitality Fitness Assessments
Vitality Heath Checks
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