HON Consultations


Why Choose a Dietitian?

As experienced Dietitians we accept that no two individuals are the same and we all learn / process information differently. With the overwhelming amount of nutrition information on the web, its easy to find a so-called quick fix or fad diet, but they are rarely sustainable and often lead individuals into yo- yo dieting throughout the years. Weight management does not have to be that hard and we love teaching people the way.

As avid ‘foodies’ ourselves, we commit to tasty, easy to prepare meals and recipes as well as demonstrations where needed.

What to Expect?

First & second visits are compulsory for full assessments.

  • Visit one
    (1 hour) A full assessment of your current diet, lifestyle patterns, medical history, recent blood work and anthropometrics (body measurements) will be done. Questions are welcome during this assessment. Nutrition education is started during the first visit.
  • Visit two
    (20 min) A meal plan will be provided for those individuals who like to have practical meal ideas. Please note each individual is treated according to their needs and preferences, no rule is set on consult types. Continued education takes place on this visit and the meal plan will be explained.
  • Follow ups
    (20 min) These slots are encouraged as the research and practical experience shows that those who are monitored routinely generally get the best results.
  • Long distance / Skype consultations
    All the assessments listed above are available via skype for those who are travelling frequently or struggle to get to appointments at our offices. Please feel free to contact the office to discuss with a Dietitian.
  • Vitality Nutrition Assessments
    (30 min) All dietitians at House of Nutrition are registered on the Vitality Network. Three assessments can be done annually where you can earn up to 10000 points (5000 on the first & 2500 on the second and third). These assessments are only for Vitality members and cannot be added to your First or second assessments. They may however be included as a follow up.

House of Nutrition is a cash practice. All payments must be settled in full, after which an invoice is issued and can be submitted to your medical aid for reimbursement if applicable.