HON Corporate


Corporate Wellness

The main goal of wellness interventions is to provide nutrition education to employees in order to empower them to alter potentially hazardous lifestyle habits. Lack of activity, smoking and poor diet are primary causes in creating disease which has a tremendous impact on both employee & employer. Wellness talks or days are used to help educate employees on how to best manage their health and wellbeing. House of Nutrition use tailored made Wellness programmes to provide structured education via means of presentations or demonstrations.

Corporate Health Challenges / Interventions

Nutrition education 6-12 week programmes are designed and implemented on company site for the corporate employees. These programmes include group talks, 1:1 assessments, meal plans and weekly weigh in’s with the support of our Dietitians. Corporate ‘biggest loser’ challenges are gaining in popularity and provide a fun way to get the work place healthy.

Wellness Days

At House of Nutrition, our Dietitians are registered on the Vitality Wellness Network. We are eager to help all Discovery Vitality members reach & maintain their gold status. Our Wellness Days help you on your way to earning the much needed points. One of our Dietitians will visit your office to carry out the 30 minute Vitality Nutrition Assessment.

Media Consulting

House of Nutrition understand the importance of updating and educating the general public and are involved in newspaper, magazine and journal writing, radio and television interviews. We use social media, such as Facebook, blogging and Pinterest to help provide current and correct nutrition information.