HON Dietitians


Carolyn Ann Boyes (BSc DIET, PG DIP DIET (UN))

Work Experience – After qualifying in South Africa, I started working in the United Kingdom in hospitals in and around London. On returning home I started my own successful practice in Johannesburg. In 2004, I moved to Cape Town to get married and again opened a private practice associated with the well-known Kingsbury and Constantiaberg hospitals. In December 2014, I founded the concept of House of Nutrition – A conglomerate of Dietitians with varying areas of expertise all in one house.

What do I most enjoy about Dietetics – I love helping and encouraging clients through their journey. Support and motivation is key in achieving goals. I love the fact that I meet all kinds of people and educating them and teaching them about food and nutrition is extremely rewarding.

My areas of interest – weight management, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, reflux, monitoring weight gain during pregnancy, weight management in children, educating mothers on how their child can develop a love for good food and maintain a healthy weight, constipation in adults and in children, healthy eating and weight loss.

kate4Kate Standley (BSc. DIET (US), PENG (QMU))

Work Experience – I completed my community service year in Kabokweni Township in Mpumalanga, where I worked specifically with HIV and malnutrition in infants and adults. After an eye opening year I decided to travel to the United Kingdom where I lived and worked for six years in various locum and permanent roles. I gained a wealth of first world experience in different dietetic positions that I held, such as Adult Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes Mellitus, Stroke rehabilitation, Neurological disorders, Intensive Care and Cardio Thoracic conditions. On returning to South Africa in 2013, I pursued a career in private practice and joined MME Dietitians in Johannesburg where I was trained by three well known Dietitians in the field of private practice. In 2015, I moved to Cape Town on getting engaged and had the fantastic opportunity to join House of Nutrition.

What do I enjoy about Dietetics – I am passionate about working with and educating people and build a good raport with them. I thrive on new challenges and learning experiences which is a given in our working environment. Food is a central role in everyone’s life, and I enjoy helping people find that positive relationship with food. I believe food must be tasty!

My areas of interest – The amazing thing about my career is that it’s far from boring! I have been fortunate enough to move through various roles within dietetics, including community, hospital, private and corporate work. As a result I have a wide range of interests. My specialist areas are mainly around lipid disorders (e.g. cholesterol), weight management and cardiovascular diseases, but I’m not limited to this alone. I have strong interests in sports, hypertension, vegetarian diets, cancer clients, special needs / learning disabilities, diseases of lifestyle and establishing healthy eating patterns in children.